Theatres to Enjoy in Yorkshire

There are many different attractions and events that are always taking place in Yorkshire. One of the favourite outings for many people visiting here are the theatres. There are many theatres to choose from and they all have something exciting to offer.

York Theatre Royal

Not only are the performances that are held here excellent, but the history of the theatre also has some intrigue to it. It was built atop an ancient Roman Well. Some of the remains of the old Georgian Hospital can still be seen here and the establishment boasts of Victorian style architecture that fits in so well with the theatre’s theme. The highlight of performances is the Royal’s Pantomime. The Dame played by Berwick Kalyer has been carried out for thirty years. Along with the old touches, it has been modernized twice and is the home to one of the biggest youth groups comprised of 300+ members.

Leeds Grand Theatre

Originally this was designed to be a collection of shops but soon took on the theatre atmosphere. It was built in 1879 and is comprised of Victorian red brick. The concept of the theatre came about at the suggestion of Prince Albert. At one time it was a theatre of prestige where only the wealthiest were given entry by the front door. Those less financially affluent would enter by the side door. The theatre did close in 1958 but much to the pleasure of many reopened in 1978 to provide the home of the Opera North. Theatre productions and pantomimes can be enjoyed here.

Brandford Alhambra

One more theatre to be enjoyed especially by visitors who want a truly memorable theatre experience while visiting Yorkshire. The theatre originally opened in 1914. On the opening week, the theatre hosted a variety show. Many who attended were impressed with the comfortable seating that was usually reserved for theatres for the rich. Normally, the lower-income theatre-goers were seated on plain wooden benches that were anything but comfortable.

These are just three examples of the many fine theatres that can be found and enjoyed in Yorkshire. It is an experience that anyone visiting here should enjoy at least once if not more.