How to Choose a Guest House in Yorkshire

Not all guesthouses are the same, although there are plenty of wonderful ones to choose from, for those who are going to be spending some time in Yorkshire. In fact, it may be a bit of a challenge to choose one when there are so many available. There are some specific things which you can look for when making this choice.

The Rooms

Although most who are spending their time in Yorkshire want to be out and about, they still want a comfortable room to return to for their relaxation after a busy day. When looking at the rooms, you want to consider their size. It doesn’t need to be overly big, but it should be spacious enough that you don’t feel cramped. You may just want to spend some time here relaxing and not necessarily sleeping. It should be bright and cheery. You may also want to have one with an ensuite if this is important to you.

The Amenities

You want every part of your stay in Yorkshire to be pleasant, and that includes the time you are going to be spending at your accommodation. Some of the amenities will be things such as a sitting room where guests can mingle with each other, or an outdoor area that can be enjoyed in the appropriate weather.


You need to know what a guesthouse is offering by way of meals. For example, a guesthouse which is classed as a bed and breakfast will usually only serve a hearty breakfast. Other guesthouses will serve breakfast and dinner. Check to see if there are any mid-day or evening refreshments included in the offering. Each guesthouse tries to be unique, so you want to compare what the offers are and which are going to give you the best value for your money.

Close to Attractions

There are many things to see and do in Yorkshire, and you want to stay at a guesthouse which allows for easy to travel to these attractions. There will be choices of guesthouses that are in the midst of the activities and others that are on the outskirts. You need to determine what type of travel is available for you to get to where you want to go.


It is important to clearly understand the pricing for the guesthouse which you are going to be staying at. You need to know if the price applies to per person or to a couple. You also need to know what it includes. Some may have special meal offerings, for example, that cost extra and are optional. Then, some may be able to offer discounts to certain attractions. It doesn’t hurt to discuss the pricing in detail, so there are no disappointments.

Check In and Out Times

Every guesthouse, just like hotels, will have a specific check-in and check out time. Be sure you know what these are, so you can arrive on time and be able to depart within the time frame. If you don’t, there is a risk your room will not remain reserved, if you do not let the operators of the guesthouse know the approximate time you will be arriving. Or you could end up having to wait to access your accommodation if you arrive too early. The guesthouse operators need time to prepare the rooms in between guests.